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Please be sure to read our delivery policies carefully before ordering

1. We deliver 7days a week 365 days a year

2. We have same day delivery to ChiangMai . please checking service area below for information. Order in same day must be make to us before 3.00 PM. (Thailand Time)

3. Product price shown on the website is not included delivery charge. Our basic charge is flat fee of THB 200 (~USD 6.70). no matter where the flowers are delivered.

4. Please be note that only delivery time as during morning or evening is preferred. We reserve the right to change delivery time with the

consent from buyer. We are unable to guarantee exact delivery times. Regular delivery hours for delivery will be from 8.00 AM.-7.00 PM.

In some cases and some reasons , delivery time will be deviated but we do guarantee that your order will be delivered on the delivery

date specified.

5. When you are at the payment page, please provide us with the delivery Informations as much as you can. The more informations you provide, the more accuracy of our delivery.

For some information such as the Reciptient's Telephone Number and also your telephone numbe (if you reside in Thailand otherwise please give us your email address) are required.
In some cases, we may call the receiptient when having problem of location or the absence of receipient.

6. The Flowers may be slightly different from the picture due to seasonal or availabilities

but we will substitute other materials with the same valuable or better.

7. We Guarantee The Quality and Freshness of the Materials If the receiptient is not happy with the arrangement

please contact us within the day deliver we will make new arrangement to substitute as per request.

8. Please note that our Delivery Service covers downtown areas of all ChiangMai cities,and includes up to

or radious of 30 Km from the center of ChiangMai city. For Delivery to further areas more than 30 Km from

the city or other district please contact us befor placing order

7. We can send the flowers Araangement 's Photo Back to you as per request by email after the

delivery complete so please give us the accuracy email address when you place the purchasing order online

8. We will take the privacy of your personal information very seriously Paybsuy Merchant

(such as receive payment from Paysbuy without ever seeing your

financial information)

9. If you have a special request or any arrangement that is not list on the website You can place

a special arrangement or email us your arrangement's photo as per request Any other Arrangement

Design are also welcome to meet your reciptient's Impreession

If any further questions please fill in your information We will contact you back as soon as possible

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